Saturday, 14 February 2015

I framed my sketches for the first time!

This is actually from when I went home for New Year 2015. I had never framed my sketches before, and being the first time, I was delighted. Big thanks to a friend who took all the trouble of getting them framed. They are my favourite sketches that were at home. I had forgotten to bring home my new sketches.

when they arrived
How they looked. I have no idea about arrangements.
Some said I hanged them too close to each other, to low, etc. They are some where around eye level. I told them I was gonna hang a lot of them later. :D

That's me and my sleepy nephew!

The views were mostly great!


  1. They look great! Do frame some more!

    1. Thank you Lynan. I will definitely do that, and maybe try selling them :D