Saturday, 29 September 2012

Asian faces practice!

My idea was to sketch one each day, and post them daily here but I've been busy with Job Interviews and exams.  I did get an offer on Thursday[27th]. :)

so...., although I'm Asian, I realised that I find it very hard to draw Asian faces! Perhaps it's because we usually picture the western people when we think of any models. hehe
So I've decided to practice on drawing Asian models. It's hard. Here is one I did last night quickly, yeah I had to stop because I realised I had an exam today afternoon!

Finally the exams are done now, so I drew another one tonight, it's Lee Dongwook (이동욱)
This is my second entry into my sketch book. I have had it for like a year, but I didn't want to spoil it with my scribblings and mesh, but now I am kind of confident  that I will not be messing the book. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

.....Kei ka awmna'h, nang i awmna'h.....


  1. keep it up..

  2. Lee Dongwook picture really thrills!!! Fantastic work. Keep up the spirit and i hope to see more sketches in the days to come.. All the best

  3. i know u can do it better... keep it up :)