Sunday, 2 December 2012

Katy Perry! Sketch!

My holidays are finally over. It was long and supposed to be very boring but in a way I spent it well, learning Sketching on me own. I have learnt a lot in this past 40 days. But my classes begin again tomorrow and I will be very busy throughout this semester because it's the last one, and I have to work on a project. I won't be having much time to draw... Anyway, here is one I did last night. I wasn't really in the mood to sketch but I wanted to do it because I passed my exams[results came yesterday] and it was practically the last day of my holidays. Here is Katy Perry.
I still find drawing hair very difficult and making smooth dark shades!

....Kei ka awmna'h, nang i awmna'h.....

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