Saturday, 5 January 2013

Charcoal drawings!

It's been a few days since my last post. I was actually working on a portrait which is suppose to be a surprise gift for a friend's friend's dad for his birthday, so unfortunately I couldn't reveal that until the day comes. I have finished it though. Anyway, as the title says, today's drawings are done using charcoal pencils. I have always fancied the drawings done with charcoal, so I got charcoal pencils for myself, but unexpectedly they are rather hard to use. So I left them for a few days, and today being Friday I thought I'd try using them. I looked up some videos on YouTube but I should say they are not much help as they are done by professionals. Anyway, I got some ideas. The blending stump, which is also something new to me was so much help though.

Anyway, here is my first ever Charcoal Pencil Drawing: (ignore the date, I wrote 2010!!)

And the second one:

So I learnt that it's not quite suitable for drawing smaller pictures when you wanna give some details, it goes crazy and dusty. But It would definitely be great for large drawings. My next charcoal drawings will be LARGE. :)


  1. I definitely prefer the shadings with charcoal as compared to the pencil sketches cos I'm like solid minimalistic things. But I guess one can capture more emotions with the pencil.

    1. To your second sentence, Maybe that's because I've been using only graphite. These are my first charcoal pencial works, ever. I'm working on charcoal, just done my 6th one yesterday [baby holding hand]. I find it hard to make smooth dark shades but it is definitely easier and pleasing at the same time than graphite pencils. Hoping to get better with charcoal.