Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins from LOTR sketch

If you saw the last sentence on my previous post, I said that the next drawing might be inspired by Lord of The Rings, an epic film[I don't know what to call it.] There are 3 parts, and I suppose I am the last person that is yet to see the other two parts. I enjoyed it very much but haven't gone for the other parts because they are too long unless you have enough free time.

Anyway, here is Frodo Baggins[Elijah Wood], a hobbit and so far, the leading character I suppose!
He has a very complicated face, and surprisingly there are not many high resolution photos of him on the web. There is one, a poster for which there has been many drawings. So my reference is not from the web, but from the film. Not very great, but I am very happy with the drawing.

The hair was  a tough one, but fortunately it is not a smart-messy hair so it could be messed up.
A4 paper, 2B, 4B graphite.


  1. i named my dog Frodo bcoz of elijah wood's big eyes in LOTR.. i like his character as Frodo baggins

    1. I haven't see you comment until now! Thanks Christina. I suppose you are the 'christinachris' :)

  2. nalh khwp mai.. A ang bwksia. ..