Saturday, 12 January 2013

Girl Sketch

I am not very much in the mood to draw tonight. I tried drawing a friend but gave up. Possible reasons:
  • Wrong mood
  • Fear of turning it out bad
  • The fact that I am very free because we have next week off. Sometimes the mood builds up when you draw when there are lots of other stuff to do, like studies.
So I did this instead. It came out quite nice, I am happy about it. Done it using graphite pencils HB and 4B on A4 sheet.

If you are wondering  why my drawings are brown and noisy, I do a little processing on Picasa before I post them. Things I do to my drawings on Picasa:
  • crop
  • add some shadow [to darken it a little]
  • desaturate
  • warmify
  • and add film grain.
[update] Please see the About page for a more detailed explanation.

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