Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sad guy!

I know it's weird I chose 'Sad Guy' today on the first day of the year! But I am sad today, don't know why! It doesn't matter but something was on my mind. Maybe it was the film I saw today, Cloud Atlas, I don't know. But one reason definitely is the song Turning Tables by Adele! I've been listening to the song since yesterday. I played the song in repeat mode, loudly while I was drawing this and it bloody helped a lot.


  1. I might have said this before, but this is definitely one of my more favorite sketches from you.

    1. Perhaps it was the song. Haha. I am ver moody I should say. That bloody new year day I was in bad mood[no reason], so I decided to draw a sad picture and found this. And you know if you're in good mood[or rather the right mood cos it was a SAD mood], you can do anything. I did this without a single redraw or mistake. Finished at one go without rubber!