Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sad Woman Crying Sketch

It's been a day since we got back from our trip but I am still tired. However since I have today afternoon off I thought I'd draw one. I'd be wasting the time anyway if I didn't. And yet again, a sad picture. I chose to do it using my charcoal pencils because I haven't touched them in a while and I still need to learn a lot to use them. This makes my 7th charcoal drawing.

I did it on a very rough drawing paper. I suppose that's why it can't be smooth. The pencils are hard, medium and soft but I just mixed them up. I don't really know how they work at the moment.


  1. the details are coming together...one cannot see it unless you look very closely...the nose, the lips and the fingers are a lot better now...i guess now, it would just be a matter of applying aesthetic appeal...but then again, rough sketching works in a lot of ways as well...keep it up...

  2. Hi can I use your sketch for my blog ? :-) I ve searched loads of images for a girl crying and found your sketch apt .