Friday, 15 February 2013

Korean Film Only You/Always(오직 그대만) Sketch

I am still in the INK mood today. So I looked up google images for new pictures and found this. I realise that the actual film name is 오직 그대만 which in english is 'Always' or 'Only You' and I have no idea how it can have two names! And I haven't seen the film! Anyway, today I decided to show how I draw: Of course it's just two steps...

    • I drew the outline using ink pen. This is kind of hard because a mistake remains a mistake since you can't undo ink marks. The ink kind of oozes out on the paper as well if held too long on the paper!

    • The next step is easy and fun. And mistakes, if any can be erased. I use 6B graphite pencil to give the shading. And of course I converted the picture to Black and White before uploading.

    You can watch the film here on Youtube

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