Friday, 29 March 2013

Vacation Sketch 2: Bored!

Still on the vacation; second week and I'm pretty bored! I have only my sketchpad with me. I'm staying with a friend who also sketches [mostly anime style/fantasy characters] and he uses only pencils, no rubber nor blending stump. It's rather difficult for me to draw using just pencils. Here is the third[second isn't worth putting up, but it's posted on my instagram] vacation sketch.


Now I have no idea how I did the earlier sketches without using the blending stump! It has become a necessity! :)

Update: Holidays are over and I have returned to my hostel. Used blending stump on it. 


  1. your sketches are really you charcoal to do portaraits instead using pencil???..

    1. Thanks a lot! Yes I have done a few using charcoal pencils, and I still need to learn how to use them. You can see them in the Charcoal Drawings section on the top bar of the blog. :)