Saturday, 1 June 2013

Baby sketch [and guy sketch]

Done these on 30th. 

I did this starting with reference to my eyes but continued without reference...

The baby girl
5B and 6B


  1. awww!!! the baby girl looks amazing!! like she's sitting right before me and staring into my eyes!!! great work!!!!
    P.S: Is there an option for non-blogspot users to follow your blog...through email updates??? I know there's this option in Wordpress, but not sure about blogspot..'Coz I wish to follow your blog.

    1. Hello Lynan... I really appreciate it! I have added the option for email subscription. However I am not sure if it works. I will try put up a better solution asap... God Bless you :)

    2. oh good :) I've submitted my id..hope it works!! good day! God bless you too!!