Sunday, 30 September 2012

Old sketches!

I'm glad that many friends took interest in my sketches! It's very encouraging. So here are the old sketches I did, some of them are years old... a friend wants to them as well on the blog.

By the way I have a Facebook page here Masseu Sketches. Please check it out and Like it. :)
my grandpa
Mushroom [photo-shopped the background to blur]
 A tree
 My bag and notebook in the classroom
Pencil colour-banana 
 the Solar System
 A shoe
 I tried drawing Cher!
 That's is me!
 my hand
 a senior girl from my college
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

.....Kei ka awmna'h, nang i awmna'h.....


  1. van nalh ve thiam khawp mai kepawh ka tet lai khan ka tui thy ltk hahaha .... keeep it up