Monday, 1 October 2012

Fiona, lead singer of the girl band, The Chosen

I didn't draw yesterday because I had lost my earphones [original ones] and I kind of lost my mood! hehe. Anyway, I had a busy day today as well at college doing project reviews and stuff like that, but I couldn't skip too many days since I have just started blogging, and I will be, very soon not drawing for a while since I will be having my Semester exams from next week! So this is probably the last one for until the exams finish.

And if you haven't heard of her, or her band check them out.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

.....Kei ka awmna'h, nang i awmna'h.....


  1. A nalh chiang alawm... sam ziah i thiam hle mai... Amazing work

    1. sam hi chu a model a awm chuan a har em em lo mahse keimah tawp chuan ka thiam lo lutuk.... Thanks