Thursday, 28 February 2013

An old portrait of a guy Sketch! (Update: And a doodle)

I have been very busy so I don't have any new drawings to post. But I realise there is one that I had mentioned earlier, a portrait of a man, from when he was still young; a very old photograph in black and white! It was supposed to be a birthday gift for him by his son and his friends and was supposed to be a surprise so I didn't post it up. So here it is...

I did this on a smooth A4 paper using 2B and 4B.

Further, here are some progress shots:

Update: And here is a little doodle I did while thinking of the sun setting between the hills, I am a hill man so I couldn't draw a sunset scene without the hills! I can't imagine the sun setting over buildings or the plain horizon! :)

By the way, in if you want to use this doodle as your Facebook cover, you may do so without asking. I cropped it purposely for that and that "masseu" will be hidden by your profile photo.

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