Sunday, 24 February 2013

How To Draw/Sketch a girl. [Han Ga-in Sketch]

It's actually not even a 'How To' but I thought it might help if I showed the steps I follow while sketching. I didn't get any training so the steps I follow are entirely my way of doing, and may not be the best way. Anyway, the drawing is of Han Ga-in, a korean actress.

So here are the steps:
1. Drawing the outline: This is probably the most difficult step. I draw lightly using HB pencil, the basic outline. It doesn't have to be perfect and I often have to correct it later. It's main purpose is to define the basic structure and to keep the alignment and proportions right. I usually start off with the left eye, then the nose, then the other eye, then the lips, and so on. That's just how I find it easy.

2. Start giving details: After the outline is done, that is, after I am satisfied with it, I start shading it using darker pencils. I use 4B or 2B usually. I usually start with the eyes.

 3. Correcting the outline if necessary: Like I said, the outline is often not perfect which you will come to realise when you start giving details. In this case, the nose was a little bit small. So I corrected it before shading it. This step may come several times before you finish the drawing.
 4. More Shading: Shading is another important part of this kind of sketch. I draw light strokes around where I need darker shades and then use either my finger or a blending stumb to smooth out the shading. Giving smooth shading can be a lot of task depending on the drawing. I also corrected the lips here: I shifted the mouth a little down, which means I erased it and re-did it. 
5. Drawing the hair: This is something that I am still learning. It's tricky, specially on blonde and curly hairs. Dark straight hairs are relatively simple though. I just drew fine lines, making sure that I leave some blanks between them to make the lines visible and skipping those regions where the hair reflects the lights. Then again smoothed out using blending stumb. 
 And again here you can see that I shifted the left ear down because it was a little too high.

And finally here it is.

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