Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ink Pen Sketches: Frodo, Mr Bean and Harry Styles Sketch

I did these Ink pen sketches right after I did Tom Cruise's Sketch. I could have posted them together but they are a different class and it's 3 of them. So here: 

  • 1. Frodo Baggins Sketch: I have done Frodo Baggins before, but it was a scene from the film since I wasn't able to find one that I was comfortable drawing. I did see one nice poster picture for which many have done drawings. I tried as well but gave up. But last night I decided to do the same poster picture, using ink pen, no mistakes allowed. It isn't exact but I am happy with it since no 'undo' was involved. Here it is:

  • 2. Mr Bean Sketch: A similar story; I wanted to do what popular. Again, not quite him, but I am happy with it.

  • 3: Harry Styles Sketch: They say 'You wanna be liked, you gotta do what people like!', don't they??? So here is the popular Harry Styles. Personally I do not know about him at all, other than that he is a member of One Direction. However I am against the fact that people just tend to hate them, most probably because they are jealous! I am not a fan, I am not a hater.

These sketches took me roughly 20-30 minutes each. That's why I love this style.


  1. I just started drawing, can you teach me a little bit so that I would be good as you are.. please help me..I am bramhani, from India.
    Great work..

    1. Hello Brahmani... Thanks for noticing... I don't know how I can exactly help you with that but of you follow my blog, I will post more drawings and I will try to include my progress shots... My next post will have photos from the beginning of my drawing so you can see the steps I follow. I hope it will be helpful

  2. Mister Bean looks crazy. :D Frodo looks good.