Monday, 18 February 2013

Request Sketch: Zóthana!

I have had some requests from friends but I have done only few because of these reasons: [Hahaha]
  • I don't like/enjoy drawing when I am compelled to draw
  • Most drawings take around 2 hours which can be boring when not in the drawing mood
  • I fear they may not come out as they would expect
  • other reasons
Anyway, after I discovered the ink style, the drawing time reduces to approximately 20-30 minutes. However this requires that I am in the right mood. So last night I decided to do the requests to which I had said "Yes, I will draw you!", but I had forgotten their names. I posted on Facebook to remind them to give me their names. A few responded and among them only one had proper photos for reference. So I did that first. Others will have to put up clear photos.

Here's Zóthana.

And I won't be doing as many drawings since I am starting to get busy with my project. The next one may only come next weekend.

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